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Q. I would like to have my alarm system installed and/or activated. What do I need to do?
A.You may contact the Service Department at 1-800-457-7252 x115 or Click here to contact the installation department to request installation or activation of your system. A customer service representative will contact you to schedule an appointment time.
Q .Do I need a (traditional) phone line or land line for my alarm system to communicate?
A. While a traditional phone line is recommended for your system, you may use a cellular back up device instead or as a back up in case your land phone line is down. For more information on a cellular back up for your alarm system, please call us at 1-800-457-7252 or click here for more information.
Q. Why do I need a DSL filter and how can I get one?
A. A DSL filter is an analog device that improves a DSL connection by minimizing telephone signal interference with the DSL system. When installed, it acts as a barrier to prevent low frequency telephone signals to interfere with the high frequency DSL system and vice versa. If you have DSL (through your phone company) for your broadband internet you will need to purchase a DSL filter that is specifically made to work with your alarm.  You can contact us to have us install it for you by calling us at 1-800-457-7252 or click here to request more information.
Q. How can I set up automatic payments for my monitoring?
A.You may call the Accounts Receivable Department at 1-800-457-7252 ext. 130 or complete the pay by credit card form and send to the Accounts Receivable Department with your credit card information.
Q.How often should I test my system?
A.The recommended test period for your system is monthly. However, you may test it more or less regularly depending on your personal comfort level.
Q. How do I test my system?
A. Call the Monitoring Command Center to provide them with your name, address and password. Arm your system, set off several zones over the course of several minutes, disarm your system and call the monitoring system to verify receipt of your signals.  It's important to let your system run for several minutes as your system may be enabled with a false alarm prevention feature that cancels the signal if you shut it off shortly after you set it off. KPS Monitoring Command Center 1-800-237-8881 ADT Monitoring Command Center 1-800-369-0996
Q. I have trouble on my alarm, what does this mean?
A. Click here for the list of trouble conditions for your specific alarm. If your alarm is not listed or you cannot reset the trouble condition, please contact us for service.
Q. I forgot my alarm 4 digit code. What should I do?
A. A service technician will need to come out to your home or business and reset your master code. This is a chargeable service call, even if you are under warranty or have a service plan.  Please call 1 -800-457-7252 or click here to request service.
Q. How do I change my monitoring password that is used to identify me?
A. Click here then print and fill out the password change form provided.  Fax or mail the form to us and a representative will contact you to verify your information and let you know that the password is being changed.
Q. How do I update my monitoring emergency contacts? These are the responsible parties in case of an alarm event.
A. Click here then print and fill out the change contact update form provided.  Fax or mail the form to us and a representative will contact you to verify your information and let you know that the contacts have been updated.
Q. My Alarm System shows low battery. How can I fix it?
A. Click here for a system manual that will give you instructions on your systems batteries.  Or Contact KPS for a control panel battery at 1-800-457-7252 Ext. 115
Q. Why do I need to call ADT for service on my home alarm?
A. If your alarm is monitored and billed by ADT, then KPS provides service as a courtesy for 90 days from the date of install.  If you have purchased your alarm system through a builder, the courtesy service period is for one year from the close of escrow date. Once the courtesy service period has passed, all service requests need to be directed to ADT. For ADT customer service requests, please call 1 (800) 369-0996.  However, if you are being monitored by ADT, but your bill comes form KPS PowerHome, then you will need to contact us for service.



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