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Fire Alarm Systems

KPS works with architects, engineers, and electrical contractors to make sure your fire alarm system conforms to the requirements of NFPA 72 The National Fire Code.  Our primary fire alarm products are Silent Knight and Firelite by Honeywell, GE, Bosch, System Sensor, and Edwards, some of the most respected names in the business.  KPS performs all of the code required monitoring, scheduled inspection and testing, as well as on-going emergency maintenance for your fire alarm system.

Have an existing fire alarm but want to Save on Fire Alarm Monitoring?  No problem, we can get you a competitive quote and take over your existing system without interruption.

Conventional Fire Alarm System


A conventional fire alarm system consists of a control panel with detection zones and notification circuits.  A detection zone can include smoke and/or heat detectors and manual pull stations covering an area of the structure.  If a conventional device is triggered, the corresponding zone transfers to an “alarm” state and activates the fire horns and strobes.  NFPA Fire Codes and Standards may limit the area of a building that can be protected by a single zone of detectors.
Intelligent Fire Alarm System
An intelligent fire alarm system is designed to provide more efficient detection and prevention.  Each intelligent device (smoke detector, heat detector, manual pull station, etc.) has its own unique “address.” If an intelligent device is transferred to an “alarm” state, it activates the fire horns and strobes.  When the local fire department arrives, the control panel displays the specific device and area in which the activation occurred.  (A conventional zone panel only identifies the general area of an activated device.)
Our voice evacuation systems provide maximum flexibility to accommodate your voice evacuation requirements.
The voice evacuation system has a built in Digital Message Repeater, power supply and a supervised microphone.  The audio messages are field programmable via the built in microphone, through the line level input, or by downloading via the internet.
Fire Alarm Monitoring:
Your Fire Alarm is designed with two points of connection for monitoring it.  This is done with a dedicated phone line and a second backup phone line.  In addition, the second line can be a cellular backup device so your fire alarm can send the signal even if the phone line is down.  When your fire alarm detects smoke, heat, or water flow in your fire sprinklers it automatically sends a signal to KPS's Monitoring Command Center.  We will then notify the local fire authority of the alarm event and notify responsible parties on your contact list. Our Monitoring Command Centers are strategically located in different states, providing continuous redundant service - 24/7/365!
National Fire Prevention Association
NFPA is the only association dedicated to the advancement of new fire prevention methods and technologies. KPS is a proud member of NFPA and follows the NFPA 72 The National Fire Code to design a fire system that will be cost effective, yet provide valued life safety for you, your employees and customers.



Home Alarm Special
Your KPS Alarm System is designed to protect you around the clock. While away from home simply arm your system when leaving by pressing the "Away" button. Staying home? No problem! 

Home Theater Special
KPS offers several Home Theater Speaker Packages including the 5.1, 7.1, and even the 11.2. You can count on KPS to set up a Home Theater System that is just right for you.

Fire Alarms Special
KPS knows fire alarm monitoring and inspection/testing services.  Let us take over your existing fire alarm or install and monitor your new one.  Either way our professional team members are ready to serve you.  Our fire alarm monitoring is cost effective and fully UL Certified. !