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KPS Home Theater
KPS offers several Home Theater Speaker Packages including the 5.1, 7.1, and  even the 11.2.   You can count on KPS to set up a Home Theater System that is just right for you.  
When should I wire my home for Home Theater?
Many customers tell us they wish they had wired for home theater during construction, which is the best time!  Doing it later will be more costly, not to mention the drywall damage and dust from the repair.  Our Home Theatre options are designed to fit any budget and are an added feature that can increase the resale value of your home.
Enjoy your free time -
Life is busy—work, family obligations, errands, chores.  When it’s finally time for leisure, why not get the most from your favorite TV show, sports event, or movie?  Sit back and unwind as you enjoy the comfort and convenience of entertainment in your own home. 
Put yourself in the action -
Immerse yourself in riveting movie sound and superb musical performances.  Hearing full-spectrum sound from the front, sides and rear puts you in the center of the action and adds drama and excitement to your entertainment.  Hear the difference.
Get better results, without the clutter -
You can buy a home theater system off the shelf, but why would you want to? You’d have to deal with the headache of situating bulky components, ugly space taking speakers and hiding wires and cables. Selecting a KPS In-ceiling Home Theater solution gives you amazing clarity and acoustic quality without the clutter and hassle.  With over 20 years in the industry, you can trust KPS with getting the job done right.
KPS will install a convenient built-in “connection center” for simpler hook-up.  Enhance your HD Flat Panel TV  with the perfect sound to give you the full entertainment experience you had in mind. Cable, satellite, DVD, Sony - Blue-ray, videos, the Internet—they’re all enhanced with the right KPS Home Theater Package. 
Entertain in style -
Face it—people want to get together in the most comfortable surroundings with the best amenities. A KPS Home Theater system makes your home the logical choice for your family and friends to gather.
Buying through a home builder?* -
KPS makes it simple for you!  Choose between our "Select" (Symphony Speakers), "Premier" (OnQ Legrand Speakers), and "Executive" (Boston Acoustic Speakers) 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound Speaker Packages.  Each package comes with a convenient connection plate, so hooking up your Home Theater Receiver is simple. Click here to get your Home Theater started!
KPS Select Surround Sound In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers and Subwoofers
The KPS "Select" Surround Sound Package offers you our entry line Symphony speakers that delivers clear surround sound for the new Home Theater enthusiast.  The KPS "Select" Surround Sound is only available in a 5.1 configuration.  If you want something a little more robust check out our "Premier" and "Executive" Surround Sound Packages.


Select - Symphony 100W Peak 8" Subwoofer Black
Select - Symphony 50 Watt In-Ceiling Speaker with grill cover
KPS Premier Surround Sound In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers and Subwoofer
The KPS "Premier" Surround Sound Package is designed for the avid Home Theater Enthusiast.  These speakers are designed to please the most discerning ear.  The angled speakers project sound to the sweet spot in the room.  The pivoting tweeter further allows you to fine tune the direction of your surround sound.   These Home Theater Speakers are sure to delight you and your guests.

Premier 150  Watt

Subwoofer Black

Premier  - In -Ceiling Angled  75 Watt Surround Sound Speaker

KPS Executive Surround Sound In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers and Subwoofer
Choose the KPS "Executive" Surround Sound when nothing less than the best will do.  These Boston Acoustic Home Theater Speakers are sure to catch everyone's attention.  With the 2-Way 6-inch Boston Deep Channel® woofer and pivoting 3/4-inch Boston designed Kortec tweeter you will hear every detail and experience the full surround sound experience.  The reduced super thin edge bezel design grill cover blends seamlessly with your ceiling. The Boston 10" 300 Watt RMS will give you plenty of bass from it's high-output front-firing, front-ported design. The BassTrac® circuitry provides tight, distortion-free bass at all output levels.  When nothing less than the best will do…the KPS "Executive" Surround Sound.

Executive 300 Watt (650W Peak) 10" Subwoofer Black

Executive - in-ceiling

Speaker with grill cover

  • 2-Way 6" In-Ceiling Speaker featuring:
  • Pivoting 3/4-inch Boston designed Kortec tweeter
  • 6-inch Boston Deep Channel® woofer
  • 100 Watt Recommended Receiver Wattage

 7.1 Receiver Connection Center

       (Also, available in 5.1 configuration)

Complete Packages
KPS offers complete packages for your Audio Video Needs.  We specialize in Home Theater Set Up and Installation.  Select from many manufactures of HD Flat Panel TV's.  Including: LCD, Plasma, and LED HD TV's.  Need a more sincere theater experience? Choose one of our HD projectors and Home Theatre Screens to go with our robust surround sound packages.  From one of our basic Home Theater set-ups to our dedicated Home Theater Room designs you are sure to be delighted with the KPS Full Home Theater Experience. 

Quality -

KPS is proud to partner with the following manufactures:  JBL, OnQ Legrand, Denon, Sony, Niles, Symphony, Harmon Kardon, Pioneer, Polk Audio, SpeakerCraft, Audio Source, Linear, (M&S) Music & Sound, Proficient Audio, Infinity, TruAudio, Onkyo, Marantz, Klipsch, Universal Remote,  LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, BenQ, Optima, Da-Lite, Draper, Logitech, Phillips Pronto, and Yamaha. *All brands and packages are not available through your homebuilder.




Home Alarm Special
Your KPS Alarm System is designed to protect you around the clock. While away from home simply arm your system when leaving by pressing the "Away" button. Staying home? No problem! 

Home Theater Special
KPS offers several Home Theater Speaker Packages including the 5.1, 7.1, and even the 11.2. You can count on KPS to set up a Home Theater System that is just right for you.

Fire Alarms Special
KPS knows fire alarm monitoring and inspection/testing services.  Let us take over your existing fire alarm or install and monitor your new one.  Either way our professional team members are ready to serve you.  Our fire alarm monitoring is cost effective and fully UL Certified. !