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KPS Monitoring Command Center
Let KPS keep you safe and secure with our:
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Security Alarm Monitoring
  • Business Opening and Closing Monitoring
  • Medical Emergency Monitoring
  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Cellular Back up Monitoring
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Freezer or Refrigerator Failure Monitoring
Our Digital Monitoring Command Centers are strategically located in California, Florida and New Jersey and are fully redundant so you never have to worry about your KPS monitoring going down in case of an emergency or natural disaster.  All of our Monitoring Command Centers are...
  • UL Listed/FM Approved
  • Bi-Lingual Operators
  • Highly Trained Employees

All incoming calls to the central station are received by KPS's highly trained console operators. Individuals occupying this position are selected from among our most proficient and tenured operators. They have demonstrated the ability to courteously direct all calls to the appropriate representatives.

When calling the central station, these operators serve as your initial contact with our company, so we have chosen people who possess the experience, the knowledge, and the professionalism to not only create an excellent first impression, but to instill in our callers a sense of confidence and security, while assuring that their needs are addressed in a timely manner.

To protect the interests of all parties involved, every call to the central station is recorded on a digital voice unit. If you ever have the need to research a certain call, or simply require the information for reasons of record keeping or liability, you may file a request/discrepancy with the dealerrelations department or an alarm room supervisor.

Every KPS employee understands the value of service to you and your customers. It si the cornerstone of our training and education program, one of the most comprehensive in the industry. The extended training curriculum for new employees simulates virtually every scenario they may encounter and only when they have demonstrated that they have the skills and ability to act quickly and effectively are they qualified to become a KPS dispatch professional. Continuing education that incorporates new and revised policies and ensures that their skills and knowledge remain at the highest level to serve your customers.

Other commercial security features & add-ons
In addition to your basic monitored burglar alarm system, you have other options to protect you in the event of phone line system failure and to enhance your level of protection.
Cellular Back Up. Burglars know the weakest line is your phone line.  If the phone line gets cut are you protected?  With KPS's Cellular back up you are!  Ask about our Monitoring, Maintenance Service and Cellular Back Up bundle package and save.   click here to contact us for information on cellular back up services for your new or existing security alarm system.
Two-way Monitoring. Our two way monitoring services allows the KPS Monitoring Command Center to instantly listen in to hear if there is an actual burglary or robbery taking place.  It's also a great false alarm prevention feature because your security keypad acts as an intercom system, to verify your employee or family members identity if they accidentally trip the alarm. click here to contact us for information on Two-way monitoring for your new or existing security alarm system.
Two-way Monitoring...
  • It's Hands Free
  • It's Live
  • It's Easy
  • It's Fast
Open and Close Schedule Monitoring. There are two ways to track who has opened and closed your business. The first is a supervised system that tells you who armed or disarmed the security system at the exact time it occurs. Our Monitoring Command Center can even notify you if the system is left off after closing. In contrast, our non-supervised open and close reports simply keeps track of when the alarm is armed and disarmed and are sent to you in a monthly or weekly report.  This also allows you to call to see if the system was armed.  Click here to get more information on open and closing reports.



Home Alarm Special
Your KPS Alarm System is designed to protect you around the clock. While away from home simply arm your system when leaving by pressing the "Away" button. Staying home? No problem! 

Home Theater Special
KPS offers several Home Theater Speaker Packages including the 5.1, 7.1, and even the 11.2. You can count on KPS to set up a Home Theater System that is just right for you.

Fire Alarms Special
KPS knows fire alarm monitoring and inspection/testing services.  Let us take over your existing fire alarm or install and monitor your new one.  Either way our professional team members are ready to serve you.  Our fire alarm monitoring is cost effective and fully UL Certified. !