KB Home - choses KPS for Included Smart Home

KPS PowerHome #5 on CePro's National Integrators list by volume is proud to help KB Home - Coastal Division with included Smart Home for their division and homebuyers.  Utilizng the Nice Smart Home Touchscreen KB hombuyers are able to see their front door, and control their thermostats.  In additon homeowners can choose to upgrade the system to include cameras, alarm, lighting control, door locks, music and shade control.  These are fantastic upgrades that homeowners want and choose says KPS PowerHome CEO Kirk Page.  Kirk adds, the low cost to the builder to include and the upgrade profits the builder receives covers the builders brick and morter cost on the included system, allows the builder to increase profits on the home, and adds more value to their homebuyers.  It's a win all the way around!

KPS #5 on 2023 CEPro National Top 100 List*

In 2022, the members of the CE Pro 100 found themselves pushing against the battles of inflation, supply chain shortages, lack of skilled labor, and a slowing housing market.  But one high achieving integrator managed by team with over 65 years combined industry experience happened to grow from the 25th largest in 2022 to the 16th largest national integrator on the 2023 CE Pro list and *5th overall by number of project. 

KPS Alarms, Inc. dba KPS PowerHome is proud to be named #16 on the CEPro 100 top national integrators list. 

Thank you to all our exceptional team members for making this happen.  It doesn't happen without you and your passion for creating customers for life! 

Woodside Homes Goes Standard Automation With KPS

About half of new homebuyers expect included home automation to be standard in their new home. Woodside Homes is meeting the demand with KPS's affordable standard All Ready Connected Home Automated System. Rick James, Director of Purchasing of Woodside Homes, explains in an interview why he chose KPS Alarms Already Connected Home Automation. Rick James notes, that KPS's All Ready Connected Home Automated System is a well thought out, well-engineered home automation system that allows the buyer to expand the system easily to their personal needs and budget.

KPS: Why do you think it's important to have included home automation in the new homes you build?

Rick James: Technology has become a routine part of our daily lives and I think it needs to be included in what is most often the biggest purchases in people's lives.

KPS: What do you like best about home automation?

Rick James: The ability to integrate multiple functions together in a home.

KPS: What do you like about KPS's free sales literature?

Rick James: The personalization of the literature to our company and communities.

KPS: What do you think about the Alexa integration into the system? 

Rick James: It's a cool, fun and current way to bring technology into the home.

For more information regarding KPS's All Ready Connected Home Automated System, contact Kirk Page, P: 800.457.7252 ext.111


Choosing Standard Home Automation with KPS

Listed below are our current list of Builders that have chosen our All Ready Connected as a standard system. 
Southern California
  • Woodside Homes
  • Diversified Pacific
  • Farwest Communities
  • Cal Urban
  • Intercorp
Northern California
  • TriPointe
  • TruMark Homes

All Ready Connected Home Automation

Studies show that the biggest segment of people coming into the market looking for a home are Millennials. As the two display show, 84% of them say that Technology is absolute home essential. 44% say that having a move in ready smart home is a must with security ranking at #2 most sough after home technology. Also with millennials, a surprisingly 56% say that technology is more important than curb appeal. Lastly, 68% want a energy efficient smart home. With these facts in mind, we have come up with our All Ready Connected System as the solution for builders in order to help bridge the gab with todays buyers.


Builders - Commercial


Building a Commercial Property? KPS has you covered! At KPS we understand construction. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years! Our quality team of professionals will keep your project moving forward while providing the quality and exceptional service you would expect from a company you can trust.

Our team includes, Commercial Sales Team, Design, Engineering and Project Estimating Team, Production Superintendants, Installation Technicians and Service Technicians. Our team is set up specifically to integrate with your team.

Single Family Project | Multi-Family Project Podium

At KPS we understand construction. But building in the production home market is more than understanding construction, it's understanding your customers and what they want. From value engineering, homebuyer options selection, project layout, project installation and testing, to homebuyer orientation and training, we've got you covered.

Our professionally trained Home Technology Specialist can meet with your homebuyers to help them select Home Technology Options that are geared for your target buyers. We package our product offerings to make it simple for your homebuyers to select packages that will benefit their lifestyles. Our option program drives customer satisfaction and increases your profits on every home you build. Our team work makes your dream work!